Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education with Mr. White! I will be teaching students health as well. Students will learn: anatomy, injury prevention, nutrition, personal health, and physical activity.

The benefits of physical activity are:
1-) lowered risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.
2-) increased strength and stamina.
3-) increase flexibility.
4-) building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints.

I will also be teaching students the components of physical fitness. There are five components of physical fitness.
The five components are:
1-) aerobic endurance
2-) muscular strength
3-) muscular endurance
4-) flexibility
5-) body composition

My goal is to teach your children the importance of physical activity and physical fitness. I encourage students to have fun and be able to play for a long period of time. Whether the activity be dancing, running around playing tag with friends, or playing an organized sport.

Mr. White