historyYoung Leaders Elementary PS 369 is located in the South Bronx and currently serves close to 300 students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

YLE has always been committed to improving the level of academic excellence of the district through progressive lesson plans that incorporate collaborative learning exercises and leadership opportunities. In addition, we believe our students’ learning can be enhanced through innovative technologies and have consistently invested in classroom improvements such as SMART board systems to enhance the learning experience.

Outside the classroom, YLE has strived to engage our students through various after-school activities designed to help them develop essential life skills in fun and creative ways. We have a rich history in the Bronx community and have partnered with numerous local organizations to nurture our students into well-rounded individuals.

As of 2013, the school is under the new leadership of Principal Jaleelah Cooke, who has implemented a data-driven approach to tracking academic performance. She leads a team of passionate and motivated educators who aim to foster an environment to promote and support future leaders.