Grade 5

Welcome to Fifth grade with Mr. Gatto, Mr. Andrew, Ms. Rosario and Ms. Lillian! One of our main goals for the 5th grade year is to build and/or strengthen parent and teacher relationships to ensure the success of every student. For math, it is our goal by the end of the year to establish fluency with whole numbers and decimals. We also plan to have our students master operations with fractions as well as geometry and measurement. Another major goal of ours is to help our students become independent problem solvers in both math and real world situations. In reading we hope to increase our student’s independent reading stamina, fluency comprehension and inferential thinking.

Another reading goal is to ensure that our student’s begin to read with purpose to help them understand the concept of each book. We will also be touching on subjects such as westward expansion as well as social issues. Our writing goals are to help our student’s create meaningful leads and endings to their stories. We also plan on helping our students work on organizing their writing and structuring paragraphs as well as their sentences. We will also be focusing on strengthening their ability to elaborate, craft and use punctuation. In case you wanted to help your child at home, we would like to inform you that teachers will be available for homework help every 3rd Tuesday of every month from 2:40pm – 3:15pm. During these sessions we will be teaching you strategies and skills to help your child with homework. We look forward to meeting you in our classroom and helping your child have a successful school year.




Ms. Lillian
Ms. Rosario
Mr. Gatto
Mr. Andrew