Counseling & Therapy

Welcome to counseling with Ms. Nunez! I provide our mandated students with counseling services. I also work with some at-risk students who need social-emotional support. The teachers and I work closely to make sure we are providing the best support possible for our students so that they can be academically and socially successful. I believe in having strong partnerships with parents and families to help our students. I also help families in making connections with mental health services outside of school. I am available to meet with parents and families by appointment.

My name is Ms. Herrera I work closely with classroom staff and parents to assist students in fully accessing their education. Students are generally referred for Occupational Therapy due to academic concerns along with sensory, fine motor, visual motor and gross motor that often hinder students’ ability to fully participate in the school setting. In a collaborative effort with school staff we design customized plans suiting individual student needs. Therapy sessions take place all over the school grounds including classroom, therapy room, gymnasium etc. I aim to have students performing and functioning at their highest level with future goals raising it

Ms. Nunez
Ms. Herrera